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We offer high-level contingency recruitment for senior to executive level positions across a range of different sectors.

Recruitment Services


There is growing need for companies to outsource their HR needs, which includes Payroll, Compliance & RPO Services for which Faster HR Consultants is the reliable and reputable HR Partner.

Human Resource
Outsourcing (HRO)


Our training consultants utilize a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives.

Training & Development


Recruitment Services

At SUNLIT CONSULTANTS Executive Search division, we help companies build superior leadership teams at board and top management level positions like Managing Director, President, C level (CEOs, COOs, CFOs), Vice Presidents, Country Heads, and General Manager etc. for large and mid-size companies.

SUNLIT CONSULTANTS Turnkey Recruitment Solutions offers companies a fresh approach to recruitment and the challenges associated with finding the right person for the right position. We aim to provide Turnkey Recruitment to the clients with a hassle free and dedicated service.

SUNLIT CONSULTANTS Lateral recruitment service is the process of hiring an "expert" for the job that needs to be filled. In some cases, it is a specialized hiring. We hire the experts usually is from another organization, which is recognized as the leader in the field whom it would be to your advantage to employ.

SUNLIT CONSULTANTS Contract-to-hire service enables our clients to fill a full-time position after an on-the-job performance evaluation. It is an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is employed on a temporary basis with an intention to be absorbed on a permanent role after evaluating his/ her skills and capabilities for a specific period.

Human Resource Outsourcing Services (HRO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has become the most preferred mode for the organizations today i.e. Employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external vendor to control costs, be more effective and concentrate on their core-competencies. SUNLIT CONSULTANTS experts RPO team works as the "HR Manager" of your organization and takes the responsibility to fulfil all the requirements. Our RPO team has diverse industry knowledge and expertise, are equipped with best tools and techniques to support in your Recruitment needs.

  • Why Outsource Reduced Cost
  • Obviously one of the prime advantages of hiring us is its cost effectiveness. The bottom line is that we save companies money in the long run. We can scale up and scale down our recruitment activity to match the fluctuating hiring needs of the client. In business, to use the old adage, time is money. Every day that a position remains unfilled costs a company.

  • Better Quality of hires
  • This is the main purpose and advantage of us as the recruitment partner. We invest our time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to our customers. The aggregated talent stream offers a cultivated pool from which to search. Referral activation is also a unique feature of ours.

  • Scalable Recruiting
  • You can match seasonal fluctuations, an awesome benefit of RPO is having a recruiting process in place that can scale up as per business requirement, and then scale back down at the beginning of the next year. RPO is also great for companies that are growing rapidly, that may need extra help in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

  • Talent Pooling
  • We as an outsourcing partner will always present the client with the best people for the job. All strong candidates across industries are pooled and actively engaged with, creating a community for future hiring

SUNLIT CONSULTANTS assists clients with headcount problems by placing their employees on our payroll. Our clients enjoy the services of our payroll team. SUNLIT CONSULTANTS ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. Managing complete payroll processing in addition to your core business processes can become quite overwhelming and often result in payroll issues.

Compliance Management is very important for any sort of business as it helps building company's brand reputation. SUNLIT CONSULTANTS Integrated Solutions understands this and provide excellent services of intelligent audit, risk and compliance management services and solutions across the globe. SUNLIT CONSULTANTS has developed deep domain expertise and leading software solutions to manage risk, ensure compliance and achieve

Training & Development

SUNLIT CONSULTANTS has been working with organizations of various sizes and industries across India in various verticals such as IT skills Training, Technical Training, and Management Training. SUNLIT CONSULTANTS strongly believes in providing customized solutions specific to the unique requirements of our clients and aligning them with a unique range of high impact workshops